Mueller Hut & Mt Ollivier

After a few days of bad weather and a trip up to Mt Olympus to show Kevin Canning the wonders of NZ Club Fields and nutcracker ropetows, a quick weather window allowed for a quick trip up to Mueller Hut to at least give Kevin a quick glimpse of Mt Cook National Park.

Mount Ollivier and our exit drainage the second day

On 29th August, we ventured up the 2000 steps towards Mueller Hut and hit snow just before reaching Sealy Tarn. Skis on and an easy skin up on near isothermic rain-sodden snow to the hut we were confronted with a very snow-covered hut and some quick digging whilst the snow was soft was required before a jaunt up to Mt Ollivier and a bit of skiing back to the hut to watch the numerous icefalls of the south side of Mt Sefton.

Shovelling Mueller Hut Entrance
Kitchen door required some work
Beer and Lunch after the shovelling

A lazy start on the 30th August as we wait for the now rock-hard snow to soften enough for us to safely ski the steep east facing shot back down to the white horse hill car park to drive Kevin to the airport at Christchurch.

Kevin hiking up to the Ollivier Cairn
Kevin and Mount Cook
Kevin skiing down the main drainage on Mt Ollivier towards the valley bottom
The utter destruction of the huge avalanches that run into this apron do allow for some skiing below snowline. Skiing <- Walking.
Kevin looking back up as we walk to the carpark
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