Korenge Y Couloir

I managed to convince Connor to come for a quick tour to ski the Y Couloir on Korenge-san, situated above and beyond the top of Tsugaike ski area.

Korenge from Happo

The Tsugaike mountaineering and hiking ropeway above the ski area started running for the spring season recently which made the walk to Korenge extremely quick, taking about 3.5 hours from the top of the ropeway to the top of the mountain.

Connor skinning towards Korenge
Connor climbing up above the Korenge benches

Once on the ridge we cramponed along the exposed and icy walking track and quickly made the summit.

Connor on the summit of Korenge with the Sea of Japan in the background

The sunshine and warm weather had nicely softened all the solar aspects, but the cold wind at the ridge kept the snow at the entry quite icy. But once we dropped down from the ridge we had very enjoyable spring corn all the way to the bottom.

Connor skiing the top of the Y couloir
Connor skiing the top of the Y couloir

We skied down to the Hakuba-zawa (valley) and out the summer road to the Obinata trailhead.

Looking back up to the Korenge Y Couloir
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