Husume and Spearhead Glacier

On Sunday, 4 December 2016, Georgia Hybz, Adina Bois and myself enjoyed great early season conditions and cold, clear weather to ski a short day in the backcountry around Blackcomb Mountain.

About 10cm of new snow overnight combined with the recent snowfalls and cold weather created some good powder conditions. The winds from yesterday had thankfully abated. Ridge tops need more snow depth to cover rocks.

We skinned up from the top of the Glacial Express quad, past the closed t-bar and through to the backcountry access gate. Attaining the ridge, we took the standard route onto the Spearhead Glacier. Prolonged our day with an extra run in the apron down onto the Spearhead Glacier and then back to Blackcomb via Husume Couloir.


Adina nearing the entry to the Spearhead Glacier
Joel Skiing on the Spearhead
Georgia climbing towards Spearhead
Adina skiing on the spearhead
Joel skiing on the Spearhead
Georgia skiing on the Spearhead

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