Goalborri – From Fishing Village to Summit

Day two of our Norwegian adventure saw Hans, Sheila and myself ascend and ski from the summit of Goalborri mountain, located directly behind the fishing village of Koppangen. We awoke in the morning in the town of Lyngseidet to an unpredicted 10cm of snowfall but the clouds quickly cleared for the day and allowed us a late start.

Goalborri Mountain and Koppangen fishing village.

A scenic ascent up the backside of the mountain lead to the summit ridge.

Goalborri gate
Walking up the backside of Goalborri

The summit, seemingly, like everywhere in this part of Norway, provided some scenic opportunities.

Joel on the Summit of Goalborri

The only thing left to do was to ski it.

Hans about to drop into the north face of Goalborri
Hans skiing Goalborri North face
Joel skiing the Goalborri north face

Large part so the north face had slid on a persistent weak layer that provided some variable skiing on bed surface and lower down, the mostly covered debris. But, there were opportunity for good skiing.

Joel skiing lower Goalborri
Hans skiing down the final pitch to Koppangen
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