Godmother Couloir Attempt

Angus, Hans, Sheila and myself made an early morning attempt at the Godmother Coulior from the Jovik side of Lyngen.

Godmother Couloir
Start of the walk through the gravel yard at Jovik

Unfortunately, unforecast strong winds were present from the morning and the couloir was experiencing rapid wind-slab formation.

Walking along the Fjord towards the Godmother Couloir

As we ascended up from the Fjord towards the couloir, a group of five appeared in front of us from the Lyngseidet side. We decided to wait for the second group to ascend and descend before we entered the couloir proper. We positioned ourselves under a protected rock buttress at the top of the apron.

Hans ascending towards the top of the Godmother Couloir apron.

About an hour or so after reaching our rest spot, we spotted some articles that the group must have dropped fall down the couloir. Soon thereafter, a few members of the group appeared and told us that they had triggered a small wind slab whilst ascending about two-thirds the way up and the whole group of five had been swept down ‘several hundred’ metres through the couloir. One had suffered a puncture from his crampons on his leg. The second group gathered all their belongings and made a hasty escape down the mountain.

We decided to ascend up the couloir to the crown of their avalanche since that part of the slope had already run. Upon obtaining that position, it seemed obvious to us that the upper slope that had not run was likely to, especially as we approached the ridge, that would have experienced more effect from the strong winds, and we descended to ski another day unscathed.

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