The Big Chasm

Hans, Sheila, Matt Shortland, Matt^2 and I went off to ski the Big Chasim off Guhkesgasia in the south Lyngen area. The weather continues to be spectacular, sunny skies, cold weather and light winds and given it hasn’t snowed for a week, the stability is also great. We couldn’t ask for much more.

Guhkesgasia and the Big Chasm

The Big Chasm is a 45-50 degree couloir that goes within 100 metres of the top of Guhkesgasia’s glacial summit but is surrounded by giant cliff bands that encompass all sides of the couloir, which makes for a spectacular descent. The couloir itself is about 600 vertical metres.

Matt, Sheila and Hans ascend to the base of the Big Chasm
Matt ascending the Big Chasm
The group follows some way behind the trail breaking powerhouse that is Matt Shortland

At the top of the Chasm, the steepness was definitely around 50 degrees, we all made platforms get ourselves sorted, take crampons off and put skis on. Matt, then Hans, were the first to start the descent from the top of the Chasm.

Matt jump turning into the Big Chasm
Hans jump turning into the Big Chasm
Matt Shortland skiing the top of the big chasm
Hans skiing the lower Big Chasm
Hans skiing lower big chasm


Hans skiing the lower portion of the Big Chasm

After Matt x2, Hans and myself skied down from the Big Chasm, we then went up to ski some sunny slopes from the next mountain over, bringing our day to an end after over 2000 vertical metres. The extra ski also gave us a good opportunity to get a great view of Guhkesgasia and the Big Chasm.

Joel preparing for the last run down corn and Guhkesgasia & Big Chasm in the background
Sunny slopes for the afternoon
Hans dropping in for the afternoon sunshine ski
Matt skiing the sunshine slopes
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