Stortinden & the day we all felt exhausted

Yesterday’s eleven hour plus adventure left us all exhausted. We woke up, packed all our belongings up from the great AirBNB rental and headed off, late, to ski something north facing on the way back to Tromso city. We had to head back to Tromso because I managed to break my crampons on the last rappel at the end of the day yesterday…

But, anyway, on with the north facing pow skiing. We ended up skiing Stortinden, a 1310m peak in the Troms region.

Stortinden on the centre left

It was a hard grind up the 1200 vertical meters with our tired legs. Near the bottom, Hans and Sheila were stripping layers, like they were being paid for it, but things got easier once we obtained the pocket glacier below the summit and we got out of the direct sunlight.

Hans and the facial expression that demonstrates all of our enthusiasm for the day
Stortinden summit and pocket glacier
From the col at the top of the glacier looking towards the summit

The reward for overcoming our initial lack of enthusiasm was a long powder run on predominately north facing terrain.

Sheila skiing the glacial bowl
Hans testing out his arial skills
Sheila pow skiing on Stortinden
Hans pow skiing in the shadow of Stortinden
Hans flying with Pernilsfjellet east face in the background

Hopefully, I can sort out the crampon situation tomorrow so the Norwegian adventure can continue unabated.

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” gpx=” – 170425.gpx”]