Rissmal-skaret and the day it started to snow

This morning’s high clouds with a forecast for deteriorating weather, encouraged us to look for some north facing terrain that might provide some good skiing. So we headed up to Rissmal-skaret, a north facing cirque  on the flank of Fugldalsfjellet.

North facing chutes

Parking almost directly at the fjord, we traveled up into the mountains.

Heading up to Rissmal-skaret
Hans upon reaching the bottom of the circque
Heading up the chute

Then it started to snow, heavily and didn’t stop for the rest of the day. By the time we reached the top of the ridge line, it had started to accumulate pretty well, providing for some limited visibility, but nice powder turns on the way down.

Hans and Matt x2 trying to work out how to get through the cornice
Matt Shortland skiing
Matt Shortland skiing

That was enough for Hans and I, who were soaked from the bootpack and heavy snowfalls, so we peace’d out and left the two Matt’s to go for a second run into the snowstorm.

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