Piggtinden South Face Couloir

Matt Shortland, Matt^2, Sheila, Hans and myself set out on the last forecasted bluebird day to ski Piggtinden’s south face couloir.

Piggtinden’s south face (lookers right)
Hiking up the valley for the few kilometres from the road
Our group hiking up the south face
Matt Shortland in front, as usual.

The guidebook said a great day out in solitude in a remote location, well Saturday in the Lyngen Alps had other ideas as shortly after arriving at the trailhead, three other groups showed up to ski the same objective.

Summit party with multiple groups

The skiing on the south face was mostly an enjoyable spring slush ski, nice edge-able turns down a moderately steep (up to 40 degree) face. A nice change from the more closed couloirs that we have been skiing the last week.

Joel skiing the south face of Piggtinden
Joel skiing the south face of Piggtinden

After skiing the south face of Piggtinden, Matt, Hans and myself attempted to go off and ski the south face of Durmalstinden. But first, a resupply was required, 1.5l of water is not enough in the brutal south-facing springtime mountains.

Joel refilling his water bottle. Norway’s freshest water (hopefully)

However, the sunshine had been hard at work creating a convection oven in the lower bowl and we turned around half way up with punchy boot-pack conditions.

Heading over to Durmalstinden
Hans booting up Durmalstinden, no crampons required this late in the day.
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