Mount Hutt Backcountry

The cold weather continues to keep the fresh snow in good shape as Greg Young, Kenji and myself head out to ski the Mount Hutt backcountry. Sunshine and light winds make excellent ski touring weather.


  • Cool blog Joel! Good to see you’re still living the dream!
    We skied together in Gulmarg in 2007 (or was it 2008 ??). I’m living/working in Norway now, still skiing a lot in winter – you need to take a trip here at some point – there are some awesome ski touring areas.
    Anyways, keep the blog posts rolling – seeing powdershots keeps me motivated through a cold and wet Norwegian summer, even though I’m a bit jealous 🙂
    Hope the rest of your season stays as good as it looks now..

    • Joel O’Rourke

      Hi Kris, of course I remember you. It was early 2008. Glad you’re living somewhere exotic. I’ve heard the coast of Norway is amazing. I’ve visited Norway once, but in December and only briefly. My first impression of Oslo was an incredibly expensive take-away pizza and being propositioned by an african prostitute (ha!). But, I really enjoyed my travels and wish I could explore more, especially in winter. I have had friends tell me about the wonders of skiing in northern Norway. I’ll have to come back to Norway at some point.

      Take care, I see from Facebook that your partner is expecting, so congratulations and good luck with everything.