Mount Alta Heli-Drop Ski Tour

On 22 August 2017, Dave and Mike Lundin invited me along to fill a spot on a heli-drop ski tour of Mount Alta, located opposite Treble Cone ski and Aspiring Heli’s airport, making the flight an affordable $166/each for the five of us.

Dave met the heli at the airport and Mike, myself and the two others drove to the base of Mount Alta through a farm on west wanaka road. A short while later Dave and the helicopter arrived to pick us up from amongst the cows for a day of powder skiing.

Waiting for a heli-pickup with the Cows

Arriving at the drop-off near the summit of Mt Alta, we had some temporary visitors from the Harris Mountain Heliskiing crew who skied a nice powder line and quickly flew off to somewhere else. The snow was nice, dry, winter powder – totally different from what I’ve been skiing lately in NZ!

Mt Alta Wanaka blog (11 of 19)
Mt Alta Wanaka blog (7 of 19)
Mt Alta Wanaka blog (4 of 19)

The heli-drop made for an easy day of skiing around the peaks of Mount Alta and back towards the far. I need to do this more often – easy access, good skiing, less bushwacking!

Joel dropping in with a little bit of a crust underneath
Great views all day with an easy walk down a farm track back to our cars.

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