Ellendaltinden North Couloir

Hans, Sheila and myself headed up to Ellendaltinden. We had intended to climb and ski the steeper north couloir but due to tired legs and looking straight at the West Couloir, we opted to climb that.

Ellendaltinden West Couloir

The climb up the west couloir got progressively warmer and after noon when the sun moved around onto it making it a warm climb up to the top.

Break in the sun before climbing west couloir
Climbing the west couloir
Joel climbing the west couloir
Hans and Sheila approaching the top of the west couloir

But, due to a lack of research, we did not know that the west and north couloirs join together at the top of the ridge. So, a nice surprise for us to reach the top of the baked west couloir and have the north couloir presented to us, right and ready with cold powder and zero ski tracks. We couldn’t pass that up.

North Couloir of Ellendaltinden, looking back up after we skied it.
Hans on belay ski cutting the top slope of the north couloir
Hans dropping into the north couloir
Hans slashing the lower North Couloir
Sheila enjoying the powder on the north couloir
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