Blatinden and the Plan C

Hans, Sheila and myself drove back to the Lyngen area from Tromso and decided to ski Blatinden. Our goal was to ski the couloir that we had been eyeing from our last Airbnb, on the northern flank of the mountain.

Blatinden East Chute on the north face

Unfortunately, despite scoping this out from every angle in the bowl at the base of Blatinden, we couldn’t guarantee it to ourselves that the upper and lower sections of the couloir were actually connected. But in our investigations, we came across plan b – a north facing couloir that goes to almost the summit of Blatinden.

Blatinden North Couloir

So we ascended to the summit of Blatinden to drop into the north facing couloir, but… the day was getting away from us and the entry to the couloir was a bit¬†complicated and went over complex terrain that had started to ice up. We pulled the pin and descended back down our skin track from the summit to the car.

Blatinden cliff face overlooking our couloir
Hans on the summit of Blatinden
Hans on the walk up to Blatinden
Sheila on the lunch rock at the base of Blatinden
Hans on the descent
Joel on the descent
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